Introducing Me


I’m Anna Jensen, a sarcastic individual with a fondness for storytelling. I’m a Midwest girl — I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and go to school at Drake University, located in Des Moines Iowa.

At Drake, I’m a double majoring in public relations and news journalism. I have a combined concentration in psychology and sociology. Through the courses I have taken, I have developed a deep love for long-form feature writing, human interest stories, and event planning + production.

I have held numerous leadership roles at Drake and have loved every minute of it. One of the mottos I’ve developed over the years is to grab hold of all the opportunities college throws at you. With that in mind, I’ve been eager to get involved in as many organizations as I can that fall under the umbrella term that is communications. I have served on The Times-Delphic as the features editor, and was a member of Admission Cole-ition and gave campus tours. I will be a two-time Peer Mentor Academic Consultant, in which I guide students through their transition to college.

I am currently the associate online editor for Drake Magazine, a member of the Public Relations Society of America, and a PR intern for the university’s communications office. My most fulfilling position — which I also currently hold— is the VP of student activities, which sits as an executive officer on the Student Senate and is the acting president of the Student Activities Board.

As a Type A personality, I love being busy and always having a mile long to-do list. I function best on at least two cups of coffee, and I love opening my planner to see a day chalk full of activities, meetings and class. To learn more about what my professional involvements entail, check out my LinkedIn.

My aesthetic is 1980’s newsrooms and cobblestone roads. I love Paul McCartney and Bob Woodward, two of my workaholic idols. I am more excited when I have a full email inbox than I am to receive text messages. I prefer my books as paper not digital, just as I do my newspaper. I am slowly accepting a digital-based world and learning how to function within it. I am a quick and witty learner and never turn down an opportunity to better my journalistic and communicative skills.

When I’m not in class or at work, I can be found drinking coffee and listening to the Beatles. I spend my limited amount of free time journaling, reading and catching up on my TV shows. I have a wide range of TV shows that I follow —dramas, competition reality TV, and comedies. I have vowed that this  be the year I make my audition tape to send to my hero, Jeff Probst, and hopefully be cast on the show Survivor.

I am deeply passionate about the following: the em-dash, the Cubs, beating my mother at board games, denim on denim, and mastering the comfy-cute lifestyle.

Thanks for checking out my website, and I hope you enjoy reading some of my work and the blog posts that act as my public journal entries. Enjoy!