Growing up idolizing Kate Hudson’s character in “Almost Famous,” Stephanie Kocer knew her end goal: becoming a music journalist. After graduating from Drake University with a magazine major and many published words to back her credibility, she found herself in a marketing-oriented job in the sports industry — and not the kind you might expect. 

Britney Leighs and her husband Jake wanted children, but couldn’t get pregnant. They tried and tried. It was let down after let down. Then: a miscarriage. It was devastating. They tried to continuously foster children, but it wasn’t for them. And they kept going back to various doctors, though all they got was the same, monotone result — you’re unable to have kids. So after years of marriage it was just the two of them.

Imagine life on the road—one day in Florida on the beach, the next in Georgia on a balcony overlooking a peach tree while eating peach pie. Finally, traveling to New York, marveling in the evening glow of Times Square.

Recently, single mom, Sara Logue had the same thoughts. Soon her house was up on the market. After multiple garage sales, donations to the Salvation Army, a ton of research and an RV later, she and her two sons were on the road.