I breathe stories. Ever since my first journalism class in high school, I haven’t doubted that my heart belongs to the world of communications. I value every conversation I am a part of, and take great pride in all the stories people allow me to share.

In my 4+ years in the field I have built up a diverse portfolio of articles, both long-form feature and short news clips, along with video and audio stories. I enjoy writing pieces that tell someone else’s story, or that showcase unique perspectives and issues facing the world.

I consistently read The Des Moines Register, Time, The New York Times, and the Washington Post. I absolutely love reading The Atlantic and The New Yorker when I can get my hands on them. One day, I’ll be published in one of them — sharing my story, or viewpoints. I am a firm believer in the cliche, “everyone has a story that’s worth sharing.” That’s the secret. It’s why I’m in this profession, and it’s the grand allure of opening up a newspaper every morning.

I hope you gain something from reading over my work, and if inspiration hits you at any point — and you think, I just have the best story idea — shoot it to me in an email!

I’m always looking for the next big story.

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